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A Review: The Anthem

For those who are tired of a sticky dance floor, tired bathrooms and the lingering smell of beer, the new Anthem is for you. For those who love great sound, more popular alt bands and a venue where there is… Continue Reading →

Ugh What A Year

So 2016 was a bust for blog posts. Did I made a New Year’s resolution to blog more frequently? Um, no. I’m just going to focus on the doing, not the trying. Just because 2016 was a black hole blog… Continue Reading →

God Bless Marky Ramone

You (and you know who you are) had better watch out!

Get to Know: Joywave

Who: Daniel Armbruster (vocals), Joseph Morinelli (guitar), Sean Donnelly (bass), Benjamin Bailey (keyboards), and Paul Brenner (drums). The band is best known for its collaboration with electronic music project Big Data, “Dangerous.” NB: Not the newest band but their “Tongues” has gotten… Continue Reading →

Get to Know: Local Natives

Who: The band came together in Orange County, where Kelcey Ayer, Ryan Hahn, and Taylor Rice attended Tesoro High School. One year after graduating college at UCLA, they were joined by bassist Andy Hamm and drummer Matt Frazier. Where: Los Angeles… Continue Reading →

The Buzz

Buzzfeed recently listed the top 25 New Artists You Need in Your Life in 2015. As a reader service, here is a quick, honest opinion of their songs that you really do need in your life:

Into The Furs Like a Train

Picture this: its the mid-70s and punk rock is everywhere. Yet, because it’s everywhere it’s starting to lose some of its way, and somewhere in London the five members of the Psychedelic Furs enter the scene with fast, pounding drums… Continue Reading →

Oh, Echostage

You vex me. Maybe its your expensive ticket prices. Or your ghetto location that makes it iffy for a gal to attend a show solo. Or some of your patrons who don’t understand why their elbow in my neck is… Continue Reading →

Karma’s a bitch

Hey Mikky Ekko, thank your band. Really, I don’t care how popular your songs are, whether you have a vid with Rhianna or think you can pull off diaper pants. Thank your band, give the folks props and call them… Continue Reading →

U2 Makes Me Feel Dirty…

…but not in a good way. On Sept. 9, U2 released its latest album, Songs of Innocence, to .5 billion iTunes subscribers. For free. So, when I innocently upgraded my iTunes I landed the newest U2. Boy (pun intended), I… Continue Reading →

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