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A Review: The Anthem

For those who are tired of a sticky dance floor, tired bathrooms and the lingering smell of beer, the new Anthem is for you. For those who love great sound, more popular alt bands and a venue where there is… Continue Reading →

Ringing in the New Year with Holy Ghost!

Thanks to obnoxious work schedules, ringing in the Near Year on the proper Eve and Day were not possible for the hubs and me, so we did the next best thing and took advantage of Holy Ghost! coming to town…. Continue Reading →

Pinback and paper planes

First, let me say that Pinback is welcome to the DC metro area at any time. What a great show! Thanks to a strong opening by Sacramento-based Tera Melos (pretty diverse groove and did I detect some Flea-esque bass?) and a… Continue Reading →


Or the 10 stages of loudshowitis: Awareness — intro band is great, but loud. Wow, there’s a few folks here with ear plugs. Am I old? Remembery — hmmm…that Jack White show was really loud, too. And the Pixies…and the… Continue Reading →

2, 3, 4 POT US!

2 strings on the bass 3 strings on the lead 4 pieces to the drum kit 1 really awesome show Thanks POT US!  

Lollapalooza from your sofa

Raise your hand if you remember the first Lollapalooza and are eternally grateful for Perry Farrell & Jane’s Addiction for creating it. Never been? Me neither. I tend to avoid situations where I may get sunburned and sweat profusely.  But… Continue Reading →


…and why we love them. Frankly, it’s the interplay of old and new that I love.  For example, who would have thought to put Steve Aoki and my lovelies Duran Duran in the same room? Ok, Trident gum for a… Continue Reading →

Changin’ the error of my ways

Let’s face it, I go to a lot of shows. One of the best things about the DC music scene is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to see a great band.  So one thing tends to lead… Continue Reading →

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