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TBT: Cars

What better way to start the drive into work with Gary Numan’s “Cars.” Dananana dada dananana da da de da de da…yeah, that’s me singing in the car. It’s not pretty, but the how you can not like this song?… Continue Reading →

TBT: Screaming Blue Messiahs

When someone you don’t know posts this message, you know you have something good:  “I don’t own footage or music. But I do own all the Messiah albums. Record company lawyers please don’t sue me or knock off audio again…. Continue Reading →

TBT: Opus III It’s A Fine Day

Yeah, I listed to this + 1,000 times, probably much to my roomie’s chagrin. Where is Opus III these days? Probably sitting in a vegan cafe knitting a cap to keep her bald head warm, tapping her Doc Martins to… Continue Reading →

Mancini…going way back

He wasn’t a rocker but he was a roller…more like a suave, make your mother and grandmother swoon kind of guy.  He composed some of the best move soundtracks — if you’ve never seen Grant and Hepburn in “Charade,” run… Continue Reading →

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