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A Review: The Anthem

For those who are tired of a sticky dance floor, tired bathrooms and the lingering smell of beer, the new Anthem is for you. For those who love great sound, more popular alt bands and a venue where there is… Continue Reading →

Get to Know Fever Ray

AKA: Karin Dreijer Andersson Native of: Sweden How would I know her: Are you a fan of euro electronic dance? Huh, no. Ok, well did you see the movie Red Riding Hood? No? Ok, few saw the movie and few… Continue Reading →

2016 Road Show

Some pictures from shows I saw in 2016. Join me next time, it’ll be fun!    

Into The Furs Like a Train

Picture this: its the mid-70s and punk rock is everywhere. Yet, because it’s everywhere it’s starting to lose some of its way, and somewhere in London the five members of the Psychedelic Furs enter the scene with fast, pounding drums… Continue Reading →

Why I Blog…A Retrospective

Or: What I learned after blogging for one year. First, writing can be a chore. This shouldn’t have surprised me since I sort of do it for a living, and to paraphrase Barbie, “Writing is hard.” But with all things… Continue Reading →

Ringing in the New Year with Holy Ghost!

Thanks to obnoxious work schedules, ringing in the Near Year on the proper Eve and Day were not possible for the hubs and me, so we did the next best thing and took advantage of Holy Ghost! coming to town…. Continue Reading →

DC’s New Punk Archive

With the holidays fast approaching, some of us are already thinking of ways to entertain visitors or, if you’re like me, kill off vacation time that you can’t carry over to 2015. If you’re a hoarder of live show cast… Continue Reading →

David Lynch is an idiot

Last Wednesday, a friend and I joined a large group of Duran Duran fans to see the band’s long-awaited theater showing of their internet movie, “Unstaged.” Filmed in LA at the Mayan Theater in 2010, the movie, which was directed… Continue Reading →

Pinback and paper planes

First, let me say that Pinback is welcome to the DC metro area at any time. What a great show! Thanks to a strong opening by Sacramento-based Tera Melos (pretty diverse groove and did I detect some Flea-esque bass?) and a… Continue Reading →

2, 3, 4 POT US!

2 strings on the bass 3 strings on the lead 4 pieces to the drum kit 1 really awesome show Thanks POT US!  

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