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July 2014

Lollapalooza from your sofa

Raise your hand if you remember the first Lollapalooza and are eternally grateful for Perry Farrell & Jane’s Addiction for creating it. Never been? Me neither. I tend to avoid situations where I may get sunburned and sweat profusely.  But… Continue Reading →

Thanks commercials

I hate commercials.  The hubs can attest to this…I always have a backup TV show to switch to when a commercial comes on. Yet, sometimes commercials have value. Like when they rock a good song.  Thanks to Intel, I discovered… Continue Reading →

Review: The Sentence

What: Beats Audio App The Sentence Pros/Cons: cool user experience as you walk through the steps in personalizing your account, and The Sentence comes highly recommended. But the fun in picking out a songlist soon ends once you get your… Continue Reading →

He’s not just weird

He’s “Weird Al” Yankovic and he’s entertained us for years. Now that I’ve started this blog, he put me on notice that musicians.are.watching. Yikes! I’m sure a little grammatical error here and there will be ok, right Weird Al…ol buddy?… Continue Reading →


…and why we love them. Frankly, it’s the interplay of old and new that I love.  For example, who would have thought to put Steve Aoki and my lovelies Duran Duran in the same room? Ok, Trident gum for a… Continue Reading →

Mancini…going way back

He wasn’t a rocker but he was a roller…more like a suave, make your mother and grandmother swoon kind of guy.  He composed some of the best move soundtracks — if you’ve never seen Grant and Hepburn in “Charade,” run… Continue Reading →

Changin’ the error of my ways

Let’s face it, I go to a lot of shows. One of the best things about the DC music scene is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to see a great band.  So one thing tends to lead… Continue Reading →

NMT Interpol!

New music Tuesday…but on a Wednesday.  Better than never, right? Interpol is coming out with their latest album, El Pintor, in September. It’s been three years since they graced us with new music, so this is pretty exciting.  Check out… Continue Reading →

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