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November 2014

So happy to have you back Interpol

When: last night Where: 9:30 Club Who: everyone…all ages and folk, some lumbersexuals and wearers of the plaid What: musical awesomeness

Karma’s a bitch

Hey Mikky Ekko, thank your band. Really, I don’t care how popular your songs are, whether you have a vid with Rhianna or think you can pull off diaper pants. Thank your band, give the folks props and call them… Continue Reading →

DC’s New Punk Archive

With the holidays fast approaching, some of us are already thinking of ways to entertain visitors or, if you’re like me, kill off vacation time that you can’t carry over to 2015. If you’re a hoarder of live show cast… Continue Reading →

U2 Makes Me Feel Dirty…

…but not in a good way. On Sept. 9, U2 released its latest album, Songs of Innocence, to .5 billion iTunes subscribers. For free. So, when I innocently upgraded my iTunes I landed the newest U2. Boy (pun intended), I… Continue Reading →

What to do when life gets in the way?

For example, when your dog gets really sick, when your job gets really crazy and your to do list becomes longer than your play list?  I’d like to say that you simply add to the play list but sometimes that’s… Continue Reading →

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