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January 2015

The Buzz

Buzzfeed recently listed the top 25 New Artists You Need in Your Life in 2015. As a reader service, here is a quick, honest opinionĀ of their songs that you really do need in your life:

Into The Furs Like a Train

Picture this: its the mid-70s and punk rock is everywhere. Yet, because it’s everywhere it’s starting to lose some of its way, and somewhere in London the five members of the Psychedelic Furs enter the scene with fast, pounding drums… Continue Reading →

Why I Blog…A Retrospective

Or: What I learned after blogging for one year. First, writing can be a chore. This shouldn’t have surprised me since I sort of do it for a living, and to paraphrase Barbie, “Writing is hard.” But with all things… Continue Reading →

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