Allow me to explain.

First, I’m an OGF (Original Shoegazer Fan). Lush, oh Lush, how I loved your songs that ranged from witty to barely comprehensible. You really lived up to your name. And Ride, I discovered you on a family vacation in Italy. Or was it one of those BMG subscriptions? Anyways, you always had the best album covers. And yea, I could never understand what you were saying but the tunes were delish.

So, along comes the xx. A shoegaze band of the the 21st century. And I dislike them. Too emo, too boring, too whomp whomp sad, too boring. They got a lot of attention, so props to them because they were definitely fresh in world of Vampire Weekends, Bleachers and Pompeii (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit).

Bear with me dear reader ’cause I’m going to switch gears on you. Listen here:

Jamie XX has nothing to do with The XX other than an unfortunate use of Xs. And Jamie is a he, not a she. And the song you’re listening to now isn’t sung by anyone with The XX. Like Hot Chip? You’ll like Jamie XX and I for one can’t wait to hear more from him.