…welcome baaaaack!

Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies. Let’s just say this summer I was busy attending many, many shows. Here’s a wrap up:


Cake — may I have some and eat it, too? Not mainstream and you have to appreciate some deep sarcasm. However, the show — the second I’ve seen — was fab. Cake does not disappoint and you might get a tree out of the deal if you’re good at trivia. Extra special add: seeing them at a new-to-me venue, the Norva (highly recommended). Extra extra special add: hanging out with my cousin and his family!


B52s with Berlin — how do I say this without pissing anyone off? I’ll get to the point: the B52s are not the high energy band that one might expect. I’ve seen them three times now and every time was a bit of a yawner. Third time was a charm (because I had the pleasant company of the hubs) and Berlin opened. Terri Nunn of Berlin should bottle and sell to the B52s the energy coming out of her. Both bands sounded great, but I think I’ll put my foot down on seeing the B52s a fourth time.

Weird Al — Admittedly, I didn’t attend but the hubs and stepson had such rave reviews of their experience before and after the show (where they got to meet His Weirdness in person) that I had to include this show. Note: I don’t understand why there was such strict security at the concert:


weird al



Nothing but Fijian music — and I wasn’t complainin’

hula girl



Steely Dan with Elvis Costello — like Oreos and milk, Wily E. Coyote and the Road Runner and four wheels on a car, these two classics go great with each other. Elvis showed no signs of slowing down (maybe it was his sparkly shoes) and ran through a hour’s worth of songs like quickfire. Note to self: this dude starts and ends his concerts on time. We heard every hit and a few new ones. Steely Dan does not leave a girl hangin’, playing all of their hits like it was yesterday. Why do they do it? I like to think its because they are still having fun and see the fans young and old having fun, too.

Steely Dan


Culture Club — why do I not see Boy George on Broadway? His voice: AMAZING. His stage presence: HUGE. His energy: WATTAGE. This was all four of the guys — the OC (that’s the Original Club) — plus three backup ladies, a horn section, extra drummer, keyboardist and guitarist. I came to the show only knowing a few songs and left wanting more. Speaking of which, the OC will apparently have a new album out in 2016. Who can wait that long?

Culture Club



ZZ Top with Blackberry Smoke — “Wow there are a lot of old people here,” said the hubs. Ahem, we have met the enemy and he is us. Seeing the bands you couldn’t access during your teens can be rather jolting. However, when you have these three guys play like it was 1985 one tends to get a bolt of energy (dare I venture to say youth).  AND when the opening band is as terrific as Blackberry Smoke, you might forget your gray hair. If I had to chose, I would buy/follow/watch Blackberry Smoke again and again. These guys from the ATL have talent and I’m not afraid to stand up and say I like southern roots rock (NOT COUNTRY).


Aussie Pink Floyd — Run like hell…to see these guys. Yes, I know there’s also Brit Floyd and I’ve heard that they’re quite good, but I haven’t seen them yet. There are bigger Pink Floyd fans out there than I, but let me tell you, this is a show worth seeing…especially if you cannot afford to see Roger Waters any time soon. They sound great, close your eyes and it’s almost like you were transported back 30 years. Groovy.